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Our Mission: The Hamilton Family Network is a parent-to-parent organization offering advocacy, training and planning to create an inclusive community.

Through the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Hamilton Family Network has created a guidebook called:

Building Circles of Support and Friendship, A Guidebook for Parents.

The Guidebook offers ways to help parents create a Circle of Support and Friendship around their son or daughter with a disability. It provides ways that will not leave parents on their own with only their own resources. It is a book that offers information and strategies to help parents provide a type of safety net for their children and themselves. A safety net that celebrates friendship and is there in times of crisis and transition. The Guidebook is based on the experiences of Circles in Ontario, some 15 years old, and is especially indebted to the families of the Hamilton Family Network.

This book explains why Circles are so important and the impact they can have on a person with a disability and her family. This book also offers advice on where to find people to invite to be a part of a Circle; how to invite people; how to run Circle meetings with sample agendas and many other tips. The Hamilton Family Network sells the book to cover printing costs. To order please call: 905-526-7190 or email:

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